Meet and Greet Airport Services

Crawfords provides airport meet and greet services for a seamless and tailored experience for passengers upon their arrival at airports. These services aim to alleviate the usual anxieties and complexities associated with navigating through busy airports. With airport meet and greet services, travellers are greeted by a professional representative who assists them with various aspects of their journey. This personalized service not only saves valuable time but also ensures a smooth and hassle-free transition from the airport to their onward destination. Whether it's for business travellers, families, or those with special needs, airport meet and greet services offer a convenient and stress-free start to their travel experience.

Upon arrival at the curbside for airport departures, a dedicated airport concierge agent will warmly welcome you. They will assist in coordinating the collection and transfer of your luggage. Our team will guide you seamlessly through the check-in process and provide escort services through security. If you have reserved access to a lounge, our agent will accompany you to the lounge area where you can relax while awaiting your boarding time. Prior to boarding, your agent will arrange a specific time and will personally escort you from the lounge to the aircraft, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

For airport arrivals, Crawfords will coordinate the presence of an airport concierge agent who will meet you directly at the gate. This agent will provide comprehensive assistance throughout the immigration process, facilitate the retrieval of your baggage at the reclaim area, and ensure a smooth passage through customs. If you have a connecting flight, your agent will personally accompany you to your onward gate, ensuring a seamless transition. If you have opted for the assistance of a baggage porter service, they will assume responsibility for retrieving your luggage on your behalf. Subsequently, you will be escorted to your final mode of transportation, receiving personalized guidance and support along the way.

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