Crawfords Female Driver Interview

I'm Francielle, and I work as a female driver for Crawfords. My journey with the company began when I initially worked as a lorry driver on night shifts in London. During that time, I had a chance encounter with another driver while I was out driving a van. This fellow driver recommended Crawfords to me.

At first, I had reservations about transitioning to passenger services and chauffeuring because I wasn't sure how passengers would treat me. However, I held a PCO license, so I decided to apply online for a position at Crawfords. To my surprise, they contacted me the very next day to schedule an interview and a test. Fortunately after my interview, I was offered the position, and they provided me with a car. From the very beginning, I felt incredibly welcomed by the entire team at Crawfords.

In my opinion, Crawfords is the ideal company to work for as a driver. They don't treat you as just another driver; instead, they make you feel like a part of their family. The controllers are not only very helpful but also truly amazing. If I ever encounter any issues with the car, they promptly arrange for a replacement. It's evident that they genuinely value their drivers and consider them an integral part of the company.

As a female driver, I have felt exceptionally welcome at Crawfords. The clients I serve are polite and respectful, both towards me and the vehicle when I drive them. This positive atmosphere stands in stark contrast to my brief experience with ride sharing apps, where passengers often showed less respect for the car and treated me poorly.

I believe more women should consider becoming chauffeurs because it offers both good income and job flexibility. Transitioning from driving a lorry to working in passenger services has been a rewarding experience for me, and I am genuinely content with my career choice. In the coming year, I hope to continue growing within Crawfords and aspire to join their Concierge services to make the most of this opportunity.