Whether you're a discerning executive seeking comfort and elegance or a driving enthusiast craving excitement behind the wheel, the 5 Series delivers on all fronts. It's a car that not only meets but exceeds expectations, setting new standards for what a luxury sedan can achieve.

Experience the comfort and luxury of our executive services, providing you with a secure, dependable, and professional ride in the BMW 5 Series. Our service offers a refined experience with professional drivers, who are smartly dressed. We prioritise customer safety by providing in-car WiFi and privacy glass. Additionally, we offer amenities such as water and a phone charger upon request. 

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BMW 5 series for private car hire in London for Crawfords Cars


On May 6th, 2023, Charles III and his wife Camilla will be crowned as the King and Queen of the United Kingdom. As per tradition, the ceremony will be held at Westminster Abbey and graced by honorary guests and royals from all around the world. This year will hold a special significance as over 850 members from the community have been invited, a meritable number of whom actively volunteered and contributed to charitable causes within their localities during the Covid pandemic.

With a history dating back to the 17th century, the coronation of Charles III as the king will involve the presentation of two scepters and an orb, symbolising the authority and governance of the crown. One of the scepters, which was also present at Queen Elizabeth's funeral, features the world's largest cut white diamond and serves as a representation of power. 

The second sceptre, known as the Sovereign's Sceptre with Dove, is crowned by a golden cross at its pinnacle, symbolising the monarch's spiritual role and their attribute of mercy. Like the sceptres, the Sovereign's Orb, a gilded ball adorned with precious gems, is an integral part of the coronation regalia. Towards the end of the coronation ceremony, the presentation of the orb signifies that the monarch's authority is bestowed by God. The concluding ritual of the coronation is the anointment of the king, during which the St. Edward's Crown will be positioned on the head of Charles III.

The coronation will be commemorated by public ceremonies and festivities across the United Kingdom and other countries around the globe.

Crawford Cars has arranged transportation services for the occasion to ensure secure and convenient commuting to and from the ceremony and other celebratory events. Contact for event car services at events@crawfords.co.uk.

Mercedes V Class

The Mercedes V-Class is a remarkable vehicle that successfully combines practicality, luxury, and style. With its elegant design, spacious and versatile interior, advanced technology, and exceptional driving performance, the V-Class offers an unparalleled experience in the realm of MPVs.

How many seats does the Mercedes V-Class have?

The Mercedes V-Class typically comes with seating configurations that can accommodate up to eight passengers, including the driver.

What are some notable features of the Mercedes V-Class?

The Mercedes V-Class often includes a wide array of features, such as a luxury seat table, advanced safety technologies, multi-zone climate control, electric sliding doors, and various driver assistance systems.

Can the Mercedes V-Class be customized for specific needs?

Yes, the Mercedes V-Class offers customization options to cater to individual preferences and specific needs. Customers can choose from various interior trims, seating configurations, optional equipment, and exterior styling elements to create a personalized vehicle.

The spaciousness and comfort of the V Class make it a favoured choice among clients for chauffeur services. The V Class proves to be an excellent option for various occasions, including events, airport transfers, and accommodating corporate clients who utilize their commutes for work. Book your Mercedes V Class now on our app!

Mercedes S Class

The Mercedes S-Class S580E hybrid is currently one of the most popular vehicles on the Crawfords fleet. Here's what makes the Mercedes S Class one of the most sought-after vehicles in our fleet.

Not only is the S-Class overloaded with a vast amount of gadgets and gizmos, it also offers up to 62 miles on an electric charge.

This vehicle is driving Crawfords into the new age of electric transport which is an important step into sustainable transportation.

Got distracted by the S-Class performance? The interior design this Mercedes offers is second to none. It is extremely comfortable, offering plenty of space for a perfect journey experience.

Our large S-Class fleet is very popular amongst our clients and can be often spotted covering high profile media and entertainment events such as fashion week, sporting events, award ceremonies and live entertainment events.

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