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BMW i7

BMW i7 Chauffeur Vehicle

Introducing the newest member of our fleet: The fully electric BMW i7! Maximising its state-of-the-art features, unbeatable comfort, and offering both style and customisation, this cutting edge, luxury vehicle stands out from the rest. It has an impressive electric range of 387 miles, efficient recuperation during braking, and boasts a low consumption rate of only 3.2 - 3.4 mi/kw. The BMW i7 uses advanced technology to create the ultimate experience for its passengers. With its sleek design and a range of extra personalizations, this premium vehicle exudes a bold and executive appearance. Bejeweled with Swarovski crystals on both its DRLs and indicators, this car adds a touch of glamour to the road. The exterior paint color and wheel options can be customised, offering a range of hues including alpine white, black sapphire metallic, tanzanite blue, and frozen dark grey.

The i7 prioritises the comfort of its passengers with its high tech amenities, bespoke seats, and spacious interior. The intelligent climate control system adjusts to match the preferences of the passengers, creating a comfortable and cosy travel experience. Among the available customizations are distributed heated seats, a preconditioning plan, footwell temperature adjustment, and dynamic and stabilised air circulation with fresh air controls. Additionally, for added comfort, the seat upholstery is crafted with luxury materials such as merino leather or cashmere. The generously-sized plush seats provide ample space, including increased legroom. By moving the passenger seat forward, the back row of seats can be expanded, allowing for the rear seats to recline comfortably into a lounge chair.

The multi-purpose seats can be adjusted for both temperature and posture and they have the ability to regulate their temperature, providing warmth in winter and cool air in summer. To cater to clients who need back support, a remarkable feature has been developed specifically for the lumbar. By electrically adjusting, the seating targets the sides of the body and lower back, resulting in enhanced stability.

The seats offer highly sought after massage controls for long rides, which can pulsate and vibrate according to your personal preferences. The new BMW i7 features blackout curtains and ambient lighting in 20 different colours, including unique options such as ivory, citron, emerald, and lavender, to create the desired atmosphere. Finally, the most impressive innovation of the i7 is its retractable theater screen, which delivers an unparalleled cinematic experience complemented by full surround sound and Wi-Fi connectivity, making this vehicle truly exceptional in the market. For those who appreciate fully electric, high-end vehicles, the BMW i7 is a great option for your next executive private car service in London.

The BMW i7s has quickly established itself as one of the most sought-after private chauffeur vehicles in the bustling city of London. Contact our chauffeur services at

BMW i7s in Crawfords Fleet
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