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Driver Recruitment Process

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Recruitment is the backbone of any successful company, and for Crawford's, a leading player in the transportation industry, this process is a meticulous blend of thorough screening, skill assessment, and compliance checks. The road to becoming a part of Crawford's driver team is riddled with several well-defined steps to ensure the highest standards of professionalism and safety are maintained. Let's take a closer look at Crawford's driver recruitment process.

1. Initial Contact and Screening 

The journey begins when an applicant reaches out to Crawford's recruitment team. This initial contact marks the beginning of a comprehensive evaluation. The recruitment team screens the applicant's qualifications and credentials to ensure they align with the company's requirements. This initial step helps to filter out individuals who do not meet the baseline criteria, ensuring that only candidates with a strong potential move forward.

2. Face-to-Face Interview and Knowledge Test 

Candidates who pass the initial screening are invited for a face-to-face interview. This interview is a crucial opportunity for both the candidate and Crawford's to assess the compatibility of skills, values, and expectations. Alongside the interview, candidates are subjected to a knowledge test. This test assesses their practical knowledge and common-sense decision-making skills, integral to performing well in dynamic driving scenarios.

3. Additional Screening Questions 

During the interview process, Crawfords takes the time to delve deeper into the candidate's work history. Pertinent questions about their current place of work, tenure, reasons for seeking new employment, and the ability to provide a reference from a previous employer are asked. This comprehensive inquiry helps Crawfords better understand the candidate's motivations, stability, and professionalism.

4. Experience Check 

Crawfords hold experience in high regard. A minimum of two years of proven driving experience is a prerequisite for candidates to be considered. This step ensures that the drivers possess a solid foundation of practical skills and familiarity with the demands of the role.

5. Knowledge Test and Reference Review 

Another significant aspect of the recruitment process is the knowledge test, comprising a set of 16 questions. Candidates who answer more than 12 questions correctly move forward, provided that their references are satisfactory. This two-fold approach combines theoretical knowledge with real-world endorsements, establishing a holistic assessment of the candidate's readiness.

6. Document Verification and Compliance Checks 

To guarantee legal compliance and driver competence, Crawfords rigorously verifies essential documents. This includes a copy of the driver's license, utility bills for address verification, identification through passport or resident card, an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, and an online Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) license check to confirm driving history and points.

7. Specialized Licensing and Health Checks 

For executive and chauffeur positions, possession of a valid Private Hire Vehicle (PCO) license issued by Transport for London is a legal mandate. Crawfords ensures that candidates fulfill this requirement by validating the license through an online TFL search system. Health and safety are also priorities. Candidates undergo an eye test via Essilor online to ensure suitable visibility. A health questionnaire and driving suitability test complete this phase, fortified by the ISO readiness policy.

8. Familiarization and Onboarding 

Successful candidates are introduced to Crawfords’ company manual, and an executive guides them through it systematically. This manual serves as a comprehensive guide to the company's policies and procedures, instilling a strong foundation of understanding. The driver downloads the Freedom Mobile App, a crucial tool for receiving work assignments, and is trained on its usage. Subsequently, an IT orientation equips drivers with mobile Wi-Fi devices, facilitating smooth communication.

9. Final Steps and Integration 

The journey culminates in an introduction to the control team, where drivers receive direction and integrate into the operational flow. The meticulous steps of the recruitment process ensure that each driver is not just skilled, but also well-informed about the company's ethos, policies, and operational tools.

New drivers are given an introduction into Crawford's ethos, health and safety policies, and daily protocols. We emphasize that Crawfords enforces a strict zero-tolerance approach towards behaviors that are disrespectful, racist, homophobic, physically aggressive, or hostile. It is essential for drivers to consistently deliver the highest level of customer service and conduct themselves in a suitable and professional demeanor at all times.

Crawford's driver recruitment process is a comprehensive journey that blends stringent screening, comprehensive skill assessment, and meticulous compliance checks. This multi-faceted approach ensures that only the most qualified and reliable candidates become part of the Crawfords driver team, upholding the company's commitment to excellence, safety, and professionalism.

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