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Macmillan Cancer Support Foundation

Macmillan Cancer Foundation

The Macmillan Cancer Support Foundation is a prominent charitable organisation dedicated to improving the lives of individuals affected by cancer. Founded in 1911 by Douglas Macmillan, the foundation has a long history of providing vital support, information, and services to cancer patients and their families throughout the United Kingdom. With the belief that no one should face cancer alone, Macmillan Cancer Support offers a wide range of services, including emotional support, financial guidance, and practical assistance. They have a team of dedicated professionals and a vast network of volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure that people living with cancer receive the help and care they need.

One of the hallmark features of the Macmillan Cancer Support Foundation is their commitment to ensuring that cancer patients have access to accurate and reliable information. They offer a comprehensive online resource center and a helpline staffed by trained professionals to answer questions and provide guidance. Additionally, Macmillan invests in cancer care services and professionals, working closely with healthcare providers to enhance the quality of cancer care across the UK. Through their efforts, the Macmillan Cancer Support Foundation continues to make a significant impact in the fight against cancer, helping patients and their loved ones navigate the challenges of a cancer diagnosis with hope, dignity, and support.

We’re donating to the Macmillan Cancer Foundation to help their mission of advancing cancer research and support. Many office-based employees and drivers in the Crawfords team have had loved ones who have been affected by cancer and have found invaluable support through the foundation. Our company has been contributing to this charity for many years by participating in Macmillan coffee mornings. In a show of solidarity, the company matches the funds raised by its employees, effectively doubling our donations to the foundation. We are proud to continue supporting this profoundly meaningful and worthwhile cause. Unite with us to support this vital mission, as together, we can bring hope and progress to the fight against cancer.

Macmillan Coffee Morning at Crawford Cars offices in London
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